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Hello.  I'm Therin. Thanks for visiting!  Please reach out to me via my contact form at the bottom of this page if you have any questions whatsoever and I will respond promptly.

I have a profound passion for self-care and whole-body wellness and take great joy in sharing my experience with my clients.  I have a distinctive and extensive knowledge thanks to my 20 years in the beauty and wellness industry .


I keep up with the most recent holistic and advanced aesthetic modalities, offering my customers a modern alchemy to reveal their most attractive and harmonious selves. I thrive on demonstrating to clients how intuitive skincare can be when we work to live in harmony with nature.  

My goal for you during a skin-wellness session with me is to experience more than just a facial. I create the space for a total nervous system reset and leave you with the skills you need to improve yourself from the inside out.  

Additionally,my time working with Anastasia Beverly Hills (where Beyonce gets her brows done), has given me a unique talent and passion for eyebrow maintenance which helps me stand out in the Maine beauty care industry.

.personally strive to be a well-rounded and healthy individual through regular exercise, eating locally and organically when possible, spending time in nature, and surrounding myself with like-minded, loving friends and family.I believe my whole-body approach to skin health delivers a glow that can't be reached by skincare alone. 


I truly love what I do and thrive on helping my clients feel uplifted, optimistic, balanced and radiant.  I look forward to having you on my treatment table!

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