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Hello.  I'm Therin Pohley. Thanks for visiting my website.  Please reach out to me via my contact form at the bottom of this page if you have any questions whatsoever and I will respond promptly.

I'm extremely passionate about skin and self care and take great joy in sharing my experience with my clients. My 15 years of experience in the health and beauty industry have provided me with a unique and broad expertise. I continue to educate myself as regularly as possible to stay up to date on the latest holistic and advanced esthetic modalities.

Additionally,my time working with Anastasia Beverly Hills (where Beyonce gets her brows done), has given me a unique talent and passion for eyebrow maintenance which helps me stand out in the Maine beauty care industry.

I believe the combination of holistically-minded skin care treatments and staying current with advanced beauty technologies allows me to provide my clients with a modern alchemy that brings forth their most beautiful and balanced complexion.


In addition to being a licensed esthetician, I am a registered yoga teacher and a holistic nutrition coach.  I believe my whole-body approach to skin care delivers true and lasting results.


I truly love what I do and thrive on helping my clients feel uplifted, optimistic, balanced and radiant!

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