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Mask Ritual Kit includes Handrafted Mask Bowl, Fan Brush, and 100% Whole Plant Organic Mask.  


The Antioxidant Mask: Vibrancy Revival is made up of vital superfoods that replenish essential nutrients needed for optimal skin health, hydrate and firm, and reveal a healthy glow after just one use. This mask features a revitalizing blend of herbs, flowers, fruits, mushrooms and seaweeds that contain a plethora of flavonoids, polyphenols, resveratrol, B vitamins, enzymes, Vitamin C, carotenoids, humectant compounds that mimic hyaluronic acid, polysaccharides, and healing resins. By providing the skin with a dense feast of nourishment, this mask strengthens all skin functions: from the building blocks and protection of collagen, to healthy cell turnover and clarifying skin tone. While this product is well suited to almost all skin types, it’s best for dry, dull, mature skin with a focus on rebuilding, revitalizing, and restoring vibrancy.

Formula Update: This mask has always been at the center of our line in facial treatments, but the formula hadn’t been evaluated for 10 years! It could most certainly be improved upon, and we did that in many ways. Many of the same superfoods from before are present, including Nettle, which contains every vitamin, mineral and amino acid necessary for our skin to make its own collagen and superoxide dimutase. Echinacea is still there, which promotes the production of our own hyaluronic acid. We have added raw Cacao for its antioxidant richness, enzyme activity, and its combination of both hydrating and moisturizing factors. There are beautiful lipids from raw Cranberry Seed helping delivery all these nutrients into the skin, as well as protecting it from environmental damage. Fruits are abundant, with Noni from Hawaii and Aronia from Oregon – both providing beneficial acids like Vitamin C along side all its beneficial cofactor bioflavonoids. Frankincense Resin has joined the line up in this mask. The water soluble nutrients in Frankincense (which will be present when you steep the mask) have been researched at length for their healing abilities and long term regulating affect on our DNA. We’ve added two mushrooms from the Pacific Northwest, including Reishi and Chaga. Both have an abundance of hydrating polysaccharides which help drive other nutrients past the lipid barrier, and directly speak to our fascia and lymph. California Seaweed has finally made its way into our products with its polysaccharides and rich chlorophyll content – this includes Kombu and Spirulina, both from the Bay Area. A pinch of Sea Salt is also present to help support lymph and connective tissue, and provide trace minerals. Last but not least, this mask contains Jasmine three ways, with two different artisan-made organic flower enfleurages, as well as delicately harvested flowers from one of our herbalist’s gardens. There is a hint of Vanilla supercritical extract, along side Vetiver and Myrrh, which all provide a rich, earthy, spice scent alongside the Jasmine, as well as being incredibly healing in their own right.

Antioxidant Mask Vibrancy Revival Ritual Kit

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