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Fall Skin Renewal

Fall is a great time to incorporate hydrotherapy into your wellness routine. I have started to do so for a few minutes each morning and the results are remarkable. Mix one of De La Terre's Health & Wellness Teas with their Mineral Rich Salts in a bowl of warm water, soak into a soft, absorbent cloth and gently compress the blend into face, neck and décolletage to start moving stagnant lymph, increase circulation and infuse the skin with vital nutrients and purifying herbs. Herb Rich Salts help to supercharge the purifying tea and help heal and detoxify the skin. Taking a bath in this mixture is another great self-care ritual.

* * *

You can purchase the full line of De La Terre and Cosmedix products at my online shop. All are are highly effective and in the best of their category on the market, as well as paraben and artificial-ingredient free. Complementary delivery and pickup available in the Burlington area!

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