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Cleanse & Detoxify

Autumn is a great time to cleanse, encourage cell turnover and help rid your skin of unwanted pathogens.

With this in mind, I recommend using De La Terre Herb Rich Clay three-four times a week.

Herb Rich Clay gently detoxifies skin by drawing impurities from its deeper layers, while also dissolving dead skin cells from the surface, producing a healthy glow. Excess dead skin cells act as an adhesive, holding in toxins and pollutants and deteriorating skin health by slowing its natural detoxification process.

* * *

You can purchase the full line of De La Terre and Cosmedix products at my online shop. All are are highly effective and in the best of their category on the market, as well as paraben and artificial-ingredient free. Complementary delivery and pickup available in the Burlington area!

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