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Diet Tips for Autumn

For internal cleansing, autumn is the perfect time to reduce alcohol, sugar and refined foods in your diet, while increasing fiber and in-season vegetables. Lightly cooking or steaming the vegetables will aid in digestion while keeping their nutrient and beneficial impact high.

My current nutritional goal is to add bone broth to my diet on a regular basis for its gut-healing benefits and vitamin/mineral rich content.

Adding warming spices to food is a great way to aid digestion and boost antioxidants in your diet. Cinnamon and clove are two of my favorites.

Sipping warm De La Terre Health & Wellness Teas throughout the day safely aids with the release of toxins throughout the respiratory and digestive systems, clearing congestion and easing symptoms while allowing the body to heal naturally.

* * *

You can purchase the full line of De La Terre and Cosmedix products at my online shop. All are are highly effective and in the best of their category on the market, as well as paraben and artificial-ingredient free. Complementary delivery and pickup available in the Burlington area!

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