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The Perks of Hydration

Corkcicle Travel Mugs & Canteens

As I discussed in a previous post, Essential Healing for Winter Skin, now is a crucial time to protect and nourish your epidermis! Another important way to do this is by staying well hydrated.

We are entering the Chinese Five-Elements season of water, so please take this as a helpful hint and drink more of it!

Water is essential to your wellbeing. It helps transport key nutrients into your body and move toxins out of it. And, as I've said again and again - no flow, no glow!

As a pleasant alternative to just plain water, try one of De La Terre's Herb Rich Teas. Sipping these soothing blends throughout the day is a good way to warm the body in this chilly season, stay hydrated and ingest supportive nutrients.

Another way to drink more is to treat yourself to a cute new water bottle or tea mug - anything to encourage you to ingest more, healthy fluids throughout the day. I recently purchased a 'Corkcicle' travel mug in pink 😍 at Monelle on Church Street (in downtown Burlington). It's so cute and is one of Oprah's favorites. I'm a sucker for her yearly 'favorites' issue!

I'm interested in hearing your favorite healthy ways to stay hydrated. Drop me a note, or comment on this blog post to share!

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