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Beauty Food Recipe

Something that I'd like to focus on in 2018 is finding the time to cook healthy, beautiful foods that benefit the skin. I think its safe to say that if a food is good for your skin, it is definitely good for your whole body.

I started strong on January 1st and made Raspberry Rosewater Coconut Milk Panna Cottas, which I discovered via The Beauty Chef.

These light desserts contain grass fed gelatin which is great for healthy skin, bones, aids in digestion and gut health, and is high in protein.

Coconut Milk gives the Panna Cottas a rich texture and provide medium chain fatty acids, which are easily absorbed by the body to be used for energy. Raspberry and rosewater are both powerful antioxidants, and give the panna cotta a beautiful pop of color. A key ingredient that you won't find at the grocery store is Beauty Chef 'Hydration Inner Beauty Boost'. This product gives a hefty dose of probiotics and electrolytes, both of which are big players in the healthy skin game. I drink a serving of this product daily in a glass of water-tastes great! And hopefully I will be stocking this product line soon, as I am quickly becoming a believer!

Currently I purchase my Hydration Inner Beauty Boost on Amazon. The Beauty Chef is an Australian Company and doesn't currently ship to the United States.

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