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Why I Prefer Oils to Lotions

Lotion is formed by blending oil and water together, which 99% of the time is accomplished by using some sort of synthetic emulsifier such as plastic or wax. Even if your moisturizer contains plastic and wax, you may be surprised to find out that it can still be labeled as organic and natural! Yikes. Plastic? Imagine what ingesting a daily dose of plastic would do to our bodies digestive systems? Ummmm...lets just say a serious backup would occur. The same thing happens when you apply these synthetics to your skin topically. If you give your skin a daily dose of synthetic wax or plastic, your skin's lymphatic fluids (the skins main detox system) will become backed up, blocked, stagnant, and appear lifeless. Skin will not glow, it becomes congested. Many synthetic emulsifiers also boast many hormone disrupting properties when applied topically-definitely not a good thing.

I see so many clients suffering from tell tale hormonal acne that generally shows up as inflamed lesions around the chin and jawline area. It will be an uphill battle if synthetics are continuously used on the skin. We must look our for our hormones and synthetics will continue to encourage hormones to be out of balance.

A simple fix- use oils that are properly formulated and balanced for your skin's condition. You'll also get the benefits of using a much more potent product, more results!

As my practice has evolved I have phased out a few products that I used to carry that are not up to my current standards.

If you are committed to your creams and lotions, please consider De La Terre Skincare Herb Rich Cream, as it is truly one of a kind. It is emulsified with olive oil fatty acid. This organic emulsifier only help the skin to thrive, one of the many reasons this product feels so luxurious and heals the skin like no other.

Bottom line-stay clear of cheap lotions and moisturizers. They do (much more) harm than good!

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