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Gua Sha for the Ultimate Glow

If you truly want that lit from within glowing complexion, I truly believe in incorporating Gua Sha into your beauty ritual. A regular home practice is key to maintaining results from a facial with me, but here's what to expect when you book a Facial and Gua Sha.....

I always start with a deeply clarifying, decongesting oil cleanse featuring Laurel's Oil Cleanser - Deep Clarity to soften the skin and immediately revitalize a dull complexion. An exfoliating Honey Berry Enzyme Mask will nourish and feed starved cells while I thoroughly massage and release the neck and shoulders. When the muscles of the neck and shoulders are tight, gua sha is not as effective because lymphatic fluid (which carries away skin dulling cellular die off, excess hormones and metabolic waste) cannot flow through a restricted and tight neck. We need the lymphatic system to move along the skin dulling waste materials- stagnant fluid build up does not equal a glowing complexion. And as most of us stare at our phones too much, I'll go out on a limb and guess that your neck and shoulders are probably tight?!

A restorative and hydrating customized elixir and nutrient dense serum are applied to prep the skin the for the next heavenly piece- Rhythmic and focused gua sha techniques will lull your nervous system into a state of bliss. When your skin has been thoroughly sculpted, de-puffed, and lifted (yes!!) I apply a customized plant grind mask to further enhance results while the work of the gua sha has a few moments to set in, like a facial savasana. No joke, you'll be in love!


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