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Jump into what?!

This Thanksgiving, I went for a nice little jog with a friend through Fort Williams. I feel so lucky to live in a place, where an opportunity to take a jog through such a beautiful public space it right at my fingertips. Before we met up, this friend asked if I wanted to take a quick dip into the ocean afterwards. I simply avoided the question. No thanks. Did you notice its cold outside? And I imagine the ocean is even colder? Jogging is one form or torcher I can mostly get my head wrapped around, but jumping into the icy waters of the Atlantic in late November, takes it up a few notches more than I'm willing to go....

We finished our jog, high five'd, and then she proceeded to suggest the cold water plunge, girlfriend, did you not get the hint when I avoided the question the first time? So I try the casual, "Oh, I don't have a towel, I don't have underwear under these leggings, no one needs to see this Maine winter pasty bod." She simply says, "oh don't worry, I brought you a towel and bottoms-I was prepared for you to say all of the above." I'm trapped!! There is no way around this. So I simply surrender. It appears as if I will be jumping in the ocean. Here we go!

As it turns out, this is a thing that people do. Its not that crazy! After emerging from my plunge of self renewal, I truly saw the world with new eyes. Everything was brighter, colors were clearer, I felt extremely calm, cool and collected. Yet at the same time, elevated and ready to take on the day with new found energy. Looks like I might have a new winter pastime!

The health benefits are too many to list, but a simple google search will bring you lots of evidence of the ways in which cold water therapy will make your life better. A few relevant perks are a boosted immune system, better sleep quality, improved mood and reduced inflammation. And of course a plug for the beauty side of things- increased collagen production and even fat burning. Sweet, I'm diving in head first!

What makes me most stoked on the fact that I jumped in was that I didn't live from a place of fear. I broke down a barrier and just did it. Over coming something and coming out the other side with a better outlook on life is an incredible feeling! I've ocean plunged four times since Thanksgiving and I plan to keep it up. Anyone want to join?!


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