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New Facial Therapy on the Menu

The Abundant Harvest Facial.

Roots. Leaves. Petals. Fruits.

The Earth offers us many types of plant medicine, but the commercial marketing machine is not always listening.

When a plant is so incredibly healthy that it is able to grow in abundance, it offers an energy with many healing benefits. The nutrients are at their peak vibrancy and health.

I custom blend medical grade plant medicine to address the overall health and function of your skin. These specialized plants do not force or inflame the skin, but create a cellular intelligence and communication between plant and skin. This allows the skin to determine what is can, and is ready to respond to.

This is the most beautiful offering that I have been waiting patiently for a year to be able to add to my offerings! Laurel's Abundant Harvest line shifts slightly each year depending on the plants that are available in abundance. I am able to create a one of a kind experience for each of you, that is perfectly customized to your needs.


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