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Repair and Prepare: Seasonal Transitional Wellness

The transitional season of Fall is one that asks me to bring some boundaries and routine back into my life. As the windy season of change, Fall is the most important time of year to instill grounding habits into my day. It is a time of year where our bodies can more easily remove waste and toxins deep from deep within the tissues.

Supporting this natural 'purifying' process now-both internally and externally is key for staying in rhythm with the seasons, as we repair our skin from the excess of summer into the hibernation of winter.

I find myself taking the time to go for more leisurely walks, simply slowing down to ground back down after the high energy summer season.

I switch from my summer cooling tea to a purifying blend of herbs to support the skin and body as it naturally cleanses and detoxifies itself- a process that needs to happen this time of year. What is not cleansed away in the fall will surely be stored in the body over winter and come up and out in the spring! ie Breakouts, allergies, rash, cold symptoms, etc. I love serving different supportive herbal teas to you before your treatment- it truly is intentional and I feel it is one of the best things you can do to support overall skin health. Drink up!

My skincare ritual flows into a renewal and repair focus. Facial Dry Brushing is back in my lineup and it feels so good. This is a practice for lymphatic flow and creates a glow that can't be created from topicals alone. I have a few tutorials on instagram- tried to post a video here, but I'm still cultivating my tech skills:)

For home care, masking with the Brighten Brighten Mask: Photo Defense + Repair is key for repairing summer damage to prepare for winter. Laurel says:

"The Brighten Mask is bursting with Vitamin C and all of its vital cofactors to lighten discoloration

along with delicate raw fruit acids. its phytonutrient density works to repair discoloration damage

on a deeper level, while it strengthens and firms connect tissue. The concentrated vibrancy of this

mask is truly unmatched and benefits are seen after as little as one use. "

"This mask is one where whole plant science get to shine beyond any doubt. While there is no

question that Ascorbic Acid is of benefit to skin health, there is more research emerging that is even

more powerful when in the presence of polyphenols, bioflavonoids, Vitamin E, and other antioxidants.

All of these antioxidants are never found in nature without one another, therefore they are all found

in perfect harmony in the Brighten Mask. In addition to this beautiful activity from the Vitamin C

denser fruits this Mask, many of the herbs also standout for sun damage and repair. Got Kola (for

connective tissue strength), Calendula "for barrier support and carotenoid activity), are all present and mindfully sourced form our local artisan farms."

If your skin is feeling stagnant and lifeless, in need of a shakeup and some movement, try the Antioxidant Mask Vibrancy Revival.....if you're a fan of the Antioxidant Serum Vibrancy Revival (and isn't everyone!?), the mask is a sister treatment, just packed full of nothing but the good stuff ie raw cacao, jasmine (3 ways!!) reishi + chaga mushroom, and a sea of anthocyanin rich berries. In fact, it is Laurel's most nutrient dense product.

This mask pairs beautifully with the Brush + Bowl set, a beautiful fall ritual to gift yourself.

Some other ways I am caring for my health this Autumn is shaking up my internal nutrients . Besides eating as seasonally as possible- hello pumpkin, apples and sweet potatoes!- I also add in some supportive supplements.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the lungs need extra support in the fall, so I lean towards lung supporting herbs such as mullein, and am currently taking GAIA Herbs Lung Support (doesn't get much more straight forward than that).

Another favorite is Maine made Herbal Revolution Fire Tonic. This is a drinking vinegar packed full of warming spices (ginger, garlic, habanero peppers, etc) to support immune function. I have my kids take a tiny bit too. Its a fun little challenge, as it is quite fiery!

Comment below to share what you are doing to support seasonal wellness!


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