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Sun Shine-y Goodness

For those of you lucky souls headed to warmer lands this winter, soak up all those Vitamin D producing rays you can, and bring some back for me! You might suspect that I'm about to list my favorite sunscreen brands to bring on your sunny vacay. Nope, my friend, I am not! Here are some fun facts about sun and skin that might make you reconsider slathering on the sun blocking creams from head to toe.

Oxybenzone, a common sunscreen ingredient is non-carcinogenic- UNTIL it is exposed to sunlight! Aka its all good, until we apply it to our skin, and then things go south in a hurry...

Sunscreens block UVB Rays. UVB rays are the nourishing rays that spark the production of Vitamin D in the body, so without UVB, we don't get any Vitamin D. We only get UVAging rays....

Women with adequate Vitamin D levels are associated with a 50% reduced risk in breast cancer.

Our culture's epidemic lack of Vitamin D in the body is linked to cancer in more than 3,000 studies!

Our bodies, are literally covered in Vitamin D receptors and are made to interact with the sun. Everything on this planet thrives from sunlight, and we as humans are no different. Yet, we are taught to hide from its healing rays.

Sunscreens and Sunblocks both block Vitamin D absorption into our skin, and I don't believe we should block out the countless health benefits from the golden globe.

Here is what I propose you do instead:

Load your skin up with antioxidants and phytonutrients that will allow for proper absorption of sunlight while impeding inflammation. Use my favorite Laurel DAY BALM Infinite Cellular Protection to diffuse harmful rays while allowing the skin to synthesize vitamin D, reducing long term damage. Day Balm contains potent plants that aid sun damage prevention. This BALM is more occlusive than Sun Serum, so I prefer it for this time of year for the added protection.

As for your body, apply SUN BODY OIL before and after sun exposure. This (delicious smelling!!) body oil is formulated to address pre and post sun exposure concerns. It is rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients that counter balance UV damage. It is high in carotenoids and anti-inflammatory compounds. Did I mention it is infused with gem essences of aquamarine, turquoise, and citrine?! So sunny and joyful!

Stick to sun exposure during the morning and late afternoon/evening hours only. If you know you'll be overexposed, consider a zinc oxide sunblock and a hat. Listen to your body- if your skin is starting to feel warm, it is a warning sign of other internal changes in the body, signaling that its time to take a break from the rays.

I recommend starting your sun products in the spring, but if you're headed for sunnier skies, now is a great time to start incorporating your DAY BALM and SUN BODY OIL.


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