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The Golden Hour

Late Summer- If I had to choose, I believe this is my favorite season. The 5th season...I feel a stillness in the air after the high energy of summer. A time where earth's bounty is in full abundance before we transition into Autumn. just check our those farmer's markets bursting at the seams. Cool nights and warm days. It doesn't get any better than this!

For our skin, late summer is all about renewal and repair. After a hot summer, our skin cells are most likely feeling dry, sluggish, dehydrated, just begging to be nourished. Its such a beautiful thing that nature provides us with exactly what our skin and bodies need. I see an abundance of rose hips all along the shore packed full of Vitamin C and bioflavonoids, perfect for repairing sun damaged skin. As apple picking season approaches, I think of the malic acid content which is a perfect alpha hydroxy acid for renewing and softening rough skin texture from excessive sun exposure. While walking through the trails near my house, I see the wild blackberries at their peak ripeness, so rich in antioxidants. And it all comes at the perfect time to keep our bodies in good health and in rhythm with nature's cycles.

One of my favorite skin treat recommendations to make for a smooth seasonal skin transition is

Night Balm Infinite Cellular Repair. The name says it all. As the long sunny days dwindle, I incorporate this decadent and potent nighttime ritual to repair any UV and oxidative damage, as well as deeply nourish and protect my skin from weather and elemental changes. Its ingredients are incredible for aging vibrantly:

Roses strengthen and repair connective tissue, and repair a damaged lipid barrier.

Pomegranate instantly plums, firms and strengthens-like a cushioning hug for each cell!

Rosehip Fruit + Seed is and all star healer for hyperpigmentation, scarring and cellular regeneration. It actually has very similar results to a retinol without the inflammation and other irritating concerns associated with using an isolated retinol treatment.

Pair the Night Balm with the Jasmine Hibiscus Hydrating Elixir C for the perfect hydrating duo. I have a limited stock of this seasonal elixir, which is an exceptional hydrator containing a repairing blend of super plants. Three different types of Hibiscus capture a diverse blend of nutrients, while the vibrant and resilient Gotu Kola strengthen collagen and connective tissue. Raw Camu Camu is one of the highest forms of plant sourced Vitamin C and beautifully repairs damage that leads to discoloration and hyperpigmentation. Turmeric is added as a deeply anti- inflammatory and free radical scavenging super root to repair like no other. This truly is the perfect late summer into fall elixir blend. And the smell is too good-sensual, earthy, and refreshing. My first round sold out in a day! Luckily I have sources, and I was able to secure a few more;) Get yours before its gone again!

Pictured below are the whole plant extracts of Gotu Kola, Turmeric and Hibiscus- so cool to see the life giving colors that go into creating this elixir.

Stay tuned for more seasonal wellness info. Fall is right around the corner, but don't forget about the Golden Hour that is Late Summer. Earthy, Nurturing and Grounding- the perfect time to take the time to truly nurture mind, body and skin.


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