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Eye Serum was created to support minimizing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness that impact the delicate eye area marking a new generation of eye contour treatments. A 100% active formula created with an advanced delivery system to precisely release the krypto-encapsulated ingredients including botanically extracted caffeine from green coffee beans, B-escin extracted from horse chestnut and fucans from brown algae kelp.


In this ultra-lightweight gel Eye Serum, Ayuna uses the power of Kryptosomes, an in-house multilamellar vesicular system for ingredient delivery, composed of several layers that envelope and capture the hydrophilic ingredients to provide deeper penetration. These are like spheres within spheres to help support deeper penetration for greater stability, potency, bioavailability and sustained release. 


Phospholipids are used that benefit from pure organic alcohol (a solvent capable of disrupting barrier function of the stratum corneum) by incorporating this compound into the formulation to maximize potential penetration without causing skin to suffer from dryness. This helps to support the penetration of the active ingredients within Eye Serum. You will sense the organic alcohol when applying and may detect the marin scent of the powerful sea minerals, harvested off the coast of Brittany, France. 

Ayuna Eye Serum

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