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A surprisingly lightweight, bioactive hydrating cream-serum combining organic active ingredients with molecularly precise biotechnological components to harness the full power of nature. The result is a splendid nectar-textured hydration layer whose power not only lies in what it can do at the skin level, but how it can stimulate effects on an emotional level.


As we would expect from green-industry pioneer Ayuna, there’s a new ingredient rising to the top: vitamin D. 


Vitamin D, often called the sunshine vitamin, plays an integral role in skin protection and rejuvenation, contributing to skin cell growth, repair and metabolism and enhancing the skin’s immune system. As we spend more and more time indoors, we become more and more vitamin D deficient, making Nectar Vivifying D-Skin ideal for daytime use. 


Ayuna's new formula optimizes vitamin D in the skin which they call the Skin-D Effect: a firm, plump, revitalized complexion with a captivating radiance, as if its glow came from within.


This unprecedented formula combines stem cells from Living Stones, succulents that promote vitamin D production, and bio-sugars to restore the feel of supple and soothed skin. Astaxanthin, a super antioxidant, has been shown to improve elasticity and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. The life-giving power of cherry sublimate water and the emotional impact of an a new aromatic blend reinforces this one-of-a-kind formula. 


Finally, Nectar introduces a new scent, an aromachological blend that stands out as an ode to positivity, a praise to life that impacts the mood thanks to the therapeutic power of more than twenty botanical essences.


Orchestrated under the baton of of Ayuna's authors with Provençal perfumers, Nectar Vivifying D-Skin Lifefullness Cocktail is a blend of fine citrus notes of lemon, grapefruit, mandarin and orange, wrapped in the complimentary scents of cedarwood, amyris, patchouli and vetiver. A hint of vanilla is added for sweetness and finished with cardamom, angelica, ginger and the greenery of gallium and mint.



  • D-skin radiant, plump and full of volume
  • Deeply moisturizes, skin glows from the inside out
  • Improves skin tone, respiration and microcirculation
  • Improves texture, evens out and firms

Ayuna Nectar

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