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Roses are incredible for hydration, barrier repair, antioxidant activity, as well as plumping and firming the skin – to name a few things! However, most of us are not aware that Rose is a beauty crop that is incredibly vulnerable to forced labor, unethical treatment, and unfair wages.


Rose distillery houses are big business in Bulgaria, but the Roses themselves are farmed and harvested by small farmers. Unfair wages and unethical treatment of farm workers is not an isolated concern to the USA – this is something to be aware of for Bulgaria also. Bulgarian Rose prices remain incredibly low despite the long hours and intense labor conditions, and these low prices point to unethical practices. While the Fair Trade Organization has a good message, they most certainly are not staffed to keep up or ensure fair treatment for all. As a company, Laurel Skin is responsible for close to 4 tons of fresh Rose petals annually, and we have been working on cultivating a source for California grown Roses for nearly a decade. While we haven’t yet been able to completely free ourselves from all the Bulgarian Rose supply concerns, we are thrilled to be able to offer this California sourced hydrosol in limited quantities. While this single-farmed, artisan-distilled hydrosol is no doubt more expensive than its Bulgarian counterparts, here is what you are supporting with your purchase:


– The moral understanding that this is what Rose petal distillations cost, if not more. Our farmers are paid for their time and labor fairly. We are doing our best to raise awareness in the industry toward more ethical labor standards, and this is a part of that effort.


– The essential oil has not been removed from this distillation, ensuring potency and efficacy. One drop of Rose essential oil contains 60 roses, and is valued close to $40 per ml. You will feel the superior hydration from this rare type of distillation.


– The scent of this California Rose hydrosol smells fresher—like a rose garden after a rain, and less like an intensely floral perfume. The scent is more well-rounded and slightly herbaceous. Earthy notes can be picked up alongside the intoxicating scent of rose petals.


California Rose Single Farm Hydrosol

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