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Lymph Compound supports circulation, lymphatic flow, and fascia elasticity to clarify, clear, and decongest.  Conifer trees and vibrant herbs support the pathways of movement and detoxificaton removing the burden of stagnancy and metabolic waste, to de-puff, increase vibrancy, and contour the skin to the face and neck.  


The first of its kind product supports the vital role our lymphatic system plays in the optimal skin health and vibrant aging, something not often discussed in convenational skincare.  


Rosemary improves cellular response to inflammation, increasing skin's strength + resiliency.  It facilitates fluid thinning, releasing stagnation and blockages beneath the surface.  


Red Cover is a cleansing lymph-mover that assists cells in their management of metabolic waste.  


Juniper is a common decongestant that warms tissues and promotes movement of both the blood and interstitual fluid.  


White Pine can speak directly to our lymphocytes and immune system, reducing inflammation, balancing microbial loads, and stimulating cellular repair.  Naturally occuring AHA in pine, acts as a decongestant and fluid reducer.


Fennel supports the movement of tissue waste and toxins build-up, by preventing lipid oxidation and protecting from its DNA-damaging effects.


Bladderwrack, and intensely hydrating seaweed, excels at firming the skin, soothing inflammation and promoting ease of movement through fascia and interstitual fluid.  

Lymph Compound Clover + Conifer

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