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nourish, calm, protect + relieve


Soothe Compound is a boost of plant medicine formulated to support symptoms that stem from inflammation and imbalance, including redness, irritation, acne, microbiome and barrier disruption, puffiness, eczema, perioral dermatitis, and sun damage. These concentrated drops capture the healing power of Calendula, alongside the nourishing Oat plant.


Four types of Calendula medicine capture all of her resins, saponins, tannins, carotenoids, phytosterols, minerals, and flavonoids including quercetin and rutin. Two types of Milky Oat infusions, alongside housemade Oat Milk, provide B vitamins, vitamin E, polysaccharides, amino acids and peptides. This Compound could replace a synthetic or cosmeceutical serum that is marketed to sensitive skin, providing both niacinamide and beta-glucan.


Together, Calendula and Oat make the perfect calming, soothing combination – providing ample nourishment, protection, hydration, and relief that all skin types and conditions can benefit from.


Compounds are a nutrient-dense supplement for the skin, meant to compliment and accompany your Hydrating Elixir step.  They will further customize your unique skin care ritual by supporting symptoms that arise for you at any given time. Our Compounds are not generally recommended for highly reactive skin, but Soothe Compound is perfectly suited and supportive to skin that is mildly to moderately sensitive or sensitized.


We do not recommend our potent herbal Compounds for those who are brand new to Laurel Skin. They are for those who celebrate the power of plants, preferring them over all other synthetic interventions, and are already using a Laurel Skin ritual with success and ease.


Calendula – This gentle flower medicine is lymph supportive and can be applied topically to prevent stagnation of fluid in our tissues. It accelerates the healing process and prevents scarring. Its carotenoids and flavonoids are specific for sun damage prevention and repair. Calendula is gentle enough to support the healing process of depleted skin barriers. This vibrant orange flower has a balancing effect on the microbiome by feeding beneficial bacterial with its mineral content, while encouraging the immune system to prevent single colony imbalance. Calendula is considered the “bringer of sunshine” and is well suited to fungal acne and topical fungal imbalances of all kinds. This plant’s unique triterpene acids impede specific inflammatory pathways, like NF-kB, which has been linked to cancer and permanent DNA damage.


Oat – Commonly referred to in herbalism as Milky Oats, this plant provides instant soothing relief to irritation and inflammation. Oats are rich in zinc, manganese, and silica, making this herb excel at strengthening and firming connective tissue and skin. It is a nutritive tonic for tired skin, providing a slow and steady type of nourishment. Both Oat Milk and Milky Oat seed pods are hydrating and barrier supportive, due to their unique phytochemical makeup which includes both ceramides and amino acids.


Full Ingredient List: Calendula Flower Triple Infusion°, Milky Oat Double Infusion°, Oat Milk°, Calendula Hydrosol°, Grape Alcohol°, Flax Glycerine°
˚organically grown ingredient


Soothe Compound Calendula + Oat

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